Workout Music Apps For iPhone

If you’re a music lover and want to keep up with your favorite artists while working out, workout music apps for the iPhone can help. Spotify is a great choice for creating playlists. The free version comes with 30-second commercials, but you can remove them by purchasing the premium version for $9.99 per month. This service is widely used and offers a variety of tracks that will keep you motivated during your workout.


Using beats-per-minute data, PaceDJ creates workout playlists based on your pace and type of activity. The app guides you through the initial setup process by asking you what type of workout you’re planning to do and what your target BPM is. The app also allows you to adjust the BPM range as needed.

The app is free and can be downloaded to your iPhone. The only downfall is that the BPM ranges are restrictive, and you might find yourself with a smaller library. In some cases, you may only find four or five songs in a certain BPM range. In this case, PaceDJ may not be the best fit for your needs.

Another great feature of PaceDJ is the customizable playlists. If you like to mix up your workout music, you can customize playlists with different genres. You can also use the BPM of songs, which will help you to focus on your workout. The app features an easy-to-use interface and includes more than 100 customizable stations. The playlists are sorted based on BPM and genre. The music app is also capable of detecting your personal rhythm and delivering personalized playlists.

If you’re new to music for workouts, you may be wondering if this app is for you. Well, it’s made by world-class DJs and fitness experts. Not only is PaceDJ designed for running, but it’s also a useful fitness app for other types of workouts. It’s like having your own personal DJ with thousands of tracks at your fingertips.

Running Story

The Running Story app on your iPhone is a mix of audio book and music. It offers original content created by a global team of storytellers, musicians, and sound technicians. The stories are averaging thirty minutes long and cover a variety of genres. The app also includes a workout tracker and can help you set goals and analyze your training patterns.

Running Story is a fun and educational app if you’re looking for a new workout music app for your iPhone. It is free to download and ad-supported. It is a good choice for people who love running and are looking for some background music while exercising. You can select music by BPM, and track skipping is available. The music is incredibly high-quality and can help you stay motivated even during long workouts.

The application has thousands of tracks curated by world-renowned DJs. Each track is carefully chosen and seamlessly blended. It also tracks your pace and distance. It uses BodyDriven technology to adapt the music to the rhythm of your activity. Another cool feature is Charity Miles, which allows you to select a charity and donate 25 cents for every mile you run.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone. It has a variety of genres that match a person’s pace. It also features a built-in GPS tracker.

Fit Radio

Fit Radio is a music app that provides personalized workout playlists. These can be created by fitness trainers and are tailored to different exercise programs. It also features custom song suggestions. Users can choose from dozens of tracks to listen to while exercising. Although the music isn’t pulled from current catalogs, it’s good for the genre and fits the moods of different exercises.

Fit Radio lets you create your own playlists from tens of thousands of songs. It includes everything from 80s music to meditation tracks. You can also choose songs according to the genre you want to listen to. The app doesn’t pause for ads and offers thousands of mixes. And the best part is that it’s updated every day, so you’ll always have new music to listen to.

Fit Radio also has a huge community of fitness coaches and enthusiasts. They will guide you through your workout and keep you motivated. The app has more than two million users, making it a good option for people who want to improve their health and fitness. You can even use Fit Radio to hear the best workout music while you’re working out.

Fit Radio is one of the best workout music apps for iPhone and iPad. It has thousands of customer mixes and DJ curated playlists. It also allows you to share your favorites with other users.


If you’re a fitness buff, you can get a lot of music to help keep you motivated during your workout. If you’re not familiar with Slacker, they’re an internet music streaming service that has been around since 2006. The company started with a satellite radio subscription and some ill-fated hardware, but gradually evolved into a fully-featured internet music streaming service. Their catalog of 13 million songs is similar to Pandora’s, but they have fewer subscribers.

The iOS app is free to download and offers a wide selection of ready-made playlists. Users can also search the music library using a field at the top of the interface. The Music Guide is another great feature, with artists and genres sorted by how recent they’ve been played. You can also browse a list of popular stations and check out the latest news.

Slacker has 100 music stations programmed by experts. It also allows you to download lyrics to your favorite songs. Another great feature of Slacker is the ability to watch music videos. The iPhone version offers Vevo, which delivers high-quality videos of your favorite bands. This app is a great alternative to Pandora.

Slacker Radio is another good option for listening to music on your iPhone. This free app offers a massive music library, and you can even create your own stations that feature genre-specific playlists. If you’d like to upgrade, you can also create a paid account for more advanced features. The app’s interface is easy to use, and you can access your playlists by signing in through Facebook or Google+.


Pandora is an excellent choice for those who like to listen to music during a workout. It has a user-friendly interface with an album art slider that minimizes when you touch the cover. The album art also contains lyrics and track information. Other features include a song progress timer and volume slider.

Another feature of Pandora is its offline capability. This feature lets you listen to music without your phone. This feature is especially useful for those who work out without the convenience of their iPhone nearby. Premium subscribers can even enjoy the feature without having to tether their phone to the Internet. While this feature may be an added benefit for some, its lack of offline compatibility has driven away some core Spotify users. In addition, the watch app isn’t offline-compatible, so some users have opted to switch to Apple Music. Pandora’s new app also supports offline downloading, so that users can keep listening to their favorite music without having to worry about leaving their phone behind.

Another feature of the Pandora app is the ability to share stations with others. You can also send your stations to others through e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also add more artists to your stations to increase the variety of tracks.

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