Where is the Reading List on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can use Safari to keep a list of articles you have read. You can add or remove items from your list, and it syncs with other devices. However, the reading list cannot be categorized or sorted into folders. You can’t delete an entire reading list either. You can only add and remove items in the list. Read on to learn more about this feature and how to manage your reading list.

Safari’s offline reading list

You can read articles without an internet connection on your iPhone with Safari’s offline reading list. You can also save web pages to your reading list. To enable offline reading, open Safari and go to the Advanced tool in the Safari menu. Next, enable Automatically save offline reading in Safari. After doing so, you can sync your reading list items across devices.

To remove offline reading items, simply swipe to the left of their respective items. Once removed, the content is stored locally on your iPhone. If you want to free up storage space, you can delete offline reading items manually. Similarly, you can delete website data and history from your iPhone. Safari’s offline reading list can be turned off or deleted anytime you want.

Another option is to manually save a web page. This can be done by right-clicking the webpage and then selecting “Save Offline.” Alternatively, you can set Safari to automatically save the reading list items to your iPhone’s memory. If you’re using Safari on an iPhone, you can toggle the Automatically Save Offline option in Settings.

Another option for offline reading is the bookmarks feature in Safari. You can save webpages you’ve read in your Reading List using bookmarks. You can view these items later. To access them, you need to have an internet connection. You can use the offline reading list option to load your saved items.

The offline reading list in Safari is a great way to save pages for offline reading. This feature is available on iPhone and iPad. You can enable this feature in the Settings app or on the Safari settings page. The feature also works across iCloud-signed devices. If you’re an iPad or iPhone user, you can access your online reading list from your iPad, too.

You can also remove specific web pages or web posts from your iPhone’s Reading List. To delete an item, hold the Control key and tap “Delete.” Or, you can also select a specific item by long-pressing it.

How to add an article

Adding articles to the reading list of your iPhone is a great way to keep them close at hand. The reading list function is built into the iPhone’s default browser, Safari. Open Safari on your iPhone and tap on the bottom menu. In the menu, you’ll see an option called Add to Reading List. When you’re done reading an article, you can easily remove it from the list and keep it for later reference.

Adding web pages to your iPhone’s reading list is a similar process, but Safari has some specific features. First, open the web page you want to save to your reading list. In the URL bar, tap the “+” button. Alternatively, you can tap the Share button in the toolbar. You can also add any link to the reading list.

You can also save a webpage to your iPhone’s reading list by tapping the three dots icon at the top right corner of the page. Once you’ve done this, tap the down arrow and tap Downloads. Your article will appear in this folder. Note that while this feature is not specifically labeled as “Reading List”, it does sync your saved articles with other platforms.

Once you’ve added an article to your iPhone’s reading list, you can view and even edit it later if you wish. After you have read the article, you can add a comment to let others know what you thought. You can even remove the article from your iPhone’s reading list if you don’t want others to know about it.

You can add a link to your iPhone’s reading list by using the Safari browser. In addition to adding a link to the reading list, you can archive it, tag it, and even highlight key phrases. You can also add it to your bookmark list by using the bookmark icon or the Reading Glasses icon.

How to delete an item

If you want to delete an item from the reading list on your iPhone, you can do so in the Safari browser. To do this, launch the Safari browser and tap on the ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Glasses’ icon. This will reveal the list of your current tabs. You can also tap the ‘Edit’ option. This will bring up a menu where you can delete a specific item.

First, you need to open the Safari app. You can delete individual items or the entire list. You can also select the option to remove the item from all devices at once. After you’ve deleted an item from one device, you can delete it from another device. This is because the Reading List is updated automatically by iCloud. However, you can disable iCloud if you don’t want to sync your devices.

You can also manually delete an item from the reading list. To do this, open the Safari application and tap ‘Offline reading list’. This will remove any web pages that were cached in the iPhone’s memory. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to clear the reading list on your iPhone.

Once you’ve deleted an item from the reading list on your iPhone, you can delete it across all Apple devices. If you’ve made the decision to delete a particular item from the reading list, you can find the method that works best for you. It’s easy to delete an item from the reading list on iPhone with the use of Safari.

There are two main ways to delete an item from the reading list on your iPhone. You can delete an item one by one or clear the entire list. Both methods are useful, but they differ in the results they produce. For selective deletion, you can also remove an item from the reading list by selecting it.

First, you need to open the Safari software and go to the ‘View’ option. Then, click on the ‘Reading List Toolbar’. You can choose the websites you want to remove from the reading list.

How to delete an entire reading list

The iPhone’s browser, Safari, comes with a handy feature called Reading List that allows you to save webpages or links. But there is one problem with this feature: deleting them all. Thankfully, there is a way to delete links from your Reading List without having to delete the entire list.

To delete individual items from your iPhone reading list, open the Safari app and find the article or website that you want to remove. Swipe right to reveal the menu and tap the ‘Delete’ option. Repeat the process for all the items you want to remove from your iPhone. After deleting an item, be sure to backup your phone so that you can restore your reading list.

Clearing your Reading List data is essential for preserving your storage space. Although Safari automatically downloads Reading List items, it doesn’t always delete all the junk files, which means that you’ll still have a lot of reading list items stored on your iPhone. To delete the Reading List cache, go to Settings>General> Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage. From there, you’ll find the reading list in the popup list. Tap the red Delete button and confirm that you’d like to remove it.

If you don’t want to delete everything from your reading list, you can always use the Safari browser to delete individual items. It’s easy to do. Simply launch Safari and tap on the “Bookmarks” or “Glasses” icon. In the iPadOS version, go to the sidebar and tap on “Reading List.” Once there, swipe left to delete the item, or long-press it to open a context menu.

You can also use Safari offline. This feature will allow you to save web pages for offline reading. Just make sure that you have enabled iCloud syncing on Safari. You can also save a reading list offline. There’s another way to delete an item from the Reading List: turn it off by marking it read or unread.

You can also delete the entire reading list on your iPhone using a workaround. If you don’t want to lose your reading list or bookmarks, you can download them to your computer or iCloud.

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