Qi Wireless Charging Case For iPhone 6

A Qi wireless charging case for the iPhone 6 can be a great way to charge your device without having to deal with messy cables. These cases are very light, which is nice, and they can also protect the back of your phone. These wireless charging cases can be used with any Qi transmitter.

Nillkin Magic Case

The Nillkin Magic QI Wireless Charging case is an ultra-slim design case for the Apple iPhone 6. This case has a built-in QI wireless charging module and is available in black and white. Its slim design helps to keep your iPhone’s sleek and elegant profile. It also offers crashproof protection and freedom from cables. Moreover, the case is made of durable polycarbonate.

It comes with built-in QI wireless charging receiver and a rubberized back case to protect your phone. The back cover is only 1mm thick and can protect your phone against drops and scratches. It’s a good idea to use the case in combination with a screen protector.

This case also comes with a micro-USB port for charging your phone. Its slim design prevents any bulk or unsightly lines, and allows easy access to all features. Nillkin produces a variety of phone covers and accessories, including tempered glass screen protectors, flip cases, sleeves, and back covers.

The magic phone case offers the best of both worlds. The case is slim and sturdy, and the built-in magnetic technology makes it easy to use in the car. It prevents the phone from falling out of the case, making it a safe and convenient way to charge. In addition to these features, the case is also scratch-resistant and has an anti-skid surface.

iON Qi Wireless Charging Case

The iON Qi Wireless Charging Case is an ideal solution for protecting your iPhone 6 and charging wirelessly with other Qi-certified devices. This case has a stylish, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand. It also comes with a built-in cover to protect your iPhone’s Lightning port. You can also remove the cover to charge your iPhone with a Lightning cable.

The iON Qi Wireless Charging Case comes with a 2750mAh battery pack and a 2.1-A output that charges the iPhone faster than a standard iPhone charging plug. The battery pack will stop charging your iPhone when it reaches 100% capacity and will automatically shut off after 20 minutes. The case also features a MicroUSB port to charge the battery pack. You can also sync your phone through the case’s microUSB port. Four LEDs on the back of the case indicate battery charge status. You can also start charging the case by pressing the bottom button.

Another wireless charging case is the Patriot Wireless Charger. This is a proprietary technology that works with the Patriot pad and base. It costs $20 for the base and $25 for the case. The case is slim and curvy and features a slide-in section for the Lightning port. It also has cutouts for the camera. It also has a Micro USB port and audio jack extension.

When your iPhone is connected to the case, it will display the charging status on the iPhone’s lock screen. It will also show the charging status in the Today View. To power the case, you need an Apple USB power adapter or an approved Qi wireless charging mat that offers a power output of 18 watts.


If you own an iPhone 6 or 6S, you can charge it wirelessly with a Qi wireless charging case. These protective cases are designed to protect your phone from drops, bumps, and scratches while still allowing you to charge it. The Qi receiver is located on the back panel of the case. The case is also slim, so it won’t add a bulky appearance to your phone. Alternatively, you can use a micro-USB cable to charge your phone.

Another Qi wireless charging case for iPhone 6 is the Nillkin Magic Case, which is slim, stylish, and comes with a Qi standard receiver card module. Available in both black and white, this case is one of the easiest ways to add wireless charging to your iPhone. The case is made of durable polycarbonate and snaps on easily.

The Antye wireless case protects your iPhone 6 from scratches, bumps, and dust. It also contains a built-in wireless charging pad that is protected against overheating, overcharging, and overcurrent. This wireless charging case for iPhone 6 is FCC, CE, and ROHS certified. Only one color is available, black.

Wireless charging is still a new technology, and it may be a few years before it becomes mainstream. However, it is a very efficient and reliable way to charge your phone. If your phone supports it, then you’re set. Just make sure you get a charger with an appropriate power rating. The Qi standard has many benefits for charging your phone wirelessly, but it’s still a very early stage in the development.

If you have an iPhone 6 and want to charge it wirelessly, you should check out the Antye wireless charging case bundle, which comes with a charging pad and a case. This case is made of durable acrylic and features built-in safety features to protect your phone from overheating and overcurrent. In addition, it protects your phone from bumps and falls.

This case offers some great features, including a charging pad and a 1,500mAh battery. The battery is interchangeable with the wireless charging section. It is currently available on Kickstarter at a discounted price. The company expects to begin shipping the case to customers in January 2016.


The Backbone wireless charging case for iPhone 6 provides a great protection against drops and keeps the device safe when you’re out and about. The case also allows you to use the stock Apple EarPods with ease. And unlike other cases on the market, the Backbone is not so thick that it prevents you from using your phone as normal. It’s also equipped with a protective screen protector.

The Backbone case is award-winning and features the latest wireless charging technology. It’s Qi standard-based and military-tested to ensure safety and performance. The case is also ultra-light and has a unique design. In addition to protecting your phone from drops, it’s also durable and protects it from shocks.

The Backbone case is slim and fits snugly over the iPhone 6 without being overly large or bulky. Its charging receiver fits flush with the case and matches the color scheme. It has a Lightning connector and Micro-USB port for when you’re not using the wireless charging feature.

If you’re looking for a wireless charging case for your iPhone 6, you can check out the Backbone case and pad from Dog & Bone. This kit contains a case, a wireless receiver card, and a wireless charging pad. It also comes with a screen protector and a micro USB cable.

The case also includes a built-in audio jack extension. This case is one of the slimmest and lightest cases available and is certified by Apple. The back of the case features an audio jack extension, allowing you to use your Lightning port with ease. It also allows you to charge your iPhone on or off.

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