How to Get Internships Through Networking

If you are a college student looking for an internship, networking is key. Whether it’s cold-emailing, networking at networking events, or social media, you must use the right strategies to get the job you want. Having a well-edited resume and seeking opportunities to gain more experience are crucial to a successful internship search.


There are several ways to connect with people who have influence at work. These people might be your teammates, managers, or leaders from different departments. Connecting with them on LinkedIn may help you find internship opportunities. In addition, you may want to make connections with people who might become your mentors or sponsors.

You can also use networking to improve your communication skills. Different people have different communication styles, so it is important to introduce yourself well. Building relationships will help you get the most out of your internship experience. When you’re networking, always remember to practice reciprocity. Interns will likely meet and interact with a lot of people, so connect with them on LinkedIn so you can keep in touch with them after the internship.

You can also reach out to other business professionals through volunteer activities. Many CEOs are involved in the Rotary Club or other organizations. Whether they’re in the HR department or not, these groups often attract executives and other professionals in the field. Similarly, if you’re interested in a job at a large company, consider getting involved with a company’s Relay for Life or other charitable activities.

Many large companies host regular events for their interns. Besides these formal events, some of them also sponsor happy hours or lunches for their employees. These events can help you meet potential employers and gain valuable insights into the industry.

Cold emailing

The first step in cold emailing to get internships is to determine the type of internship that you would like to pursue. Some firms will offer paid internships, while others may only offer unpaid positions. You should find out which companies offer paid internships by researching the firm’s website or by checking out a paid database. Then, find the email addresses of people in the firm’s organization. Keep your email message brief and request a brief phone call to discuss the internship opportunities.

The subject line is important, as it’s the first thing recruiters will see. Make sure to be direct and specific, and don’t be afraid to add the company’s name or a specific project you’re interested in. A good cold email subject line should also highlight the positive aspects of the company.

If the company does not respond to your cold email, you should try to follow up by phone or Skype. This shows the employer that you’re willing to follow up on the internship application, and it also shows that you’re interested in the internship. Some hiring managers purposefully hold onto the first response, so it’s important to follow up.

Your cold email must end with a call-to-action that persuades the person that you want them to take action. The call-to-action may be to set up an interview, reply to your email, or provide another lab for a research internship. Make sure that the call-to-action is clear and definite, because if it isn’t clear, it won’t be effective.


For students looking for internships, Goodwall offers a variety of options. These programmes are designed to help students build vital skills, gain experience and network with peers around the world. As an added bonus, participants can compete for a share of $25K in prizes, including full scholarships to ISDC programmes, tickets to digital events, subscriptions to Headspace and Masterclass, charitable donations and more. The programme is free to join, and anyone can join. Participants can access the programme through its app and post their achievements on their Goodwall profile.

Goodwall is an online community of young people and works to help them reach their full potential. It focuses on helping students and recent graduates get the opportunity to get their feet wet. The community also supports universities, helping them expand their international student populations and showcase scholarship opportunities. The company has a team of dedicated professionals who work together to provide a comprehensive service to its members.

Goodwall staff strive to make intern experiences as meaningful as possible. This is why students are encouraged to choose projects that meet their individual interests and goals. The internships are structured to help students gain valuable skills that will help them further their academic careers.
Social media

One of the best ways to find internships is to use social media platforms. These are especially beneficial for businesses looking to hire interns because of the networking opportunities they offer. Moreover, a successful social media internship can advance a business’ social media strategy, reach more customers, and increase its performance. However, to attract qualified applicants, social media internships need to be carefully designed.

For starters, an internship could consist of planning posts or stories for social media. Although this may require a little time, it is a worthwhile investment as it can give a student a sense of ownership of their work. Besides, social media stories are now popular with 150 million daily viewers on Instagram, and Snapchat has more than 200 million daily active users.

As an intern, you should also be familiar with the industry’s latest news and developments. You can use tools like BuzzSumo, Feedly, and StumbleUpon to find the best articles and news in a specific industry. A social media post can also be more impactful if it includes an eye-catching visual. However, this is not always possible with social media.

Another way to attract attention and interest is to create a job description. The most effective social media internship job description will entice potential interns to apply. Moreover, it will show how to apply for the job. For example, if a social media internship is a paid position, you can specify that a specific method of application is preferred.

Networking with professors

Networking with professors can be a valuable way to land an internship after graduation. Most professors are industry experts and have lots of connections. By emailing professors and asking them about potential internships and job opportunities, students can build a solid network. In addition, professors can give students a reference letter, which is valuable in itself.

Students can also network with professors at university events and clubs. For example, students interested in English studies can join the department’s literary journal. The literary journal enables students to work closely with professors and other students. These connections strengthen departmental relationships. Many departments also sponsor study abroad programs and field trips.

Professors also have connections inside and outside of the university. By asking for their help, students can build valuable professional relationships with employers. While they may not be able to offer a full-time job for a student, they can still help students find an internship they’ll love. One of my best friends managed to find a fantastic internship through a professor. He had read a job posting about the internship and thought she’d be a good fit for the job.

Professors can help students get internships because they know the industry and can provide letters of reference. In addition, professors know students well and can attest to a student’s work ethic, interest in the classroom, and performance during an internship. They can also help students gain confidence and skills in networking.

Getting an internship at the NSLS

If you have just finished your undergraduate studies and have plans to pursue a leadership position, applying for an internship at the NSLS might be just the thing you need to make your dreams a reality. The program offers paid internships and includes a leadership training retreat and virtual webinars. You should be aware, however, that you need to be accepted into the program before you can get started.

To become a member of the National Student Leadership Symposium, you need to have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. After acceptance, you must complete a leadership development program. This will teach you in-demand skills and provide you with the knowledge to become a leader. You may even earn college credit for your work.

The NSLS is the largest leadership honor society in the United States with more than 1.4 million members. It will start a chapter at MDC in Summer 2021, with active members beginning in Fall 2021. The program teaches students the skills required to excel in their chosen fields, including interpersonal skills and effective leadership. NSLS members also attend exclusive Speaker Broadcasts and connect with other members for lifelong friendships.

If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, the National Society of Leadership and Success offers a paid leadership internship program. This two-semester internship is focused on helping students gain practical leadership skills, such as recruiting and organizing student leaders. The internship requires strong communication and leadership skills as well as self-motivation.

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