How Spotify Gimlet Got Started

Spotify Gimlet has just launched a new app that allows you to search and discover new music from artists you’re already a fan of. This means you’ll be able to get instant access to thousands of songs, which will be perfect if you’re looking for something to listen to while you’re at work, out shopping, or on the go. The new app has been designed to offer users a more personalized experience, so you’ll have a more tailored playlist that fits you.


Caitlin Lieber is the VP of Programming at Gimlet. In addition to her work at Gimlet, she is an adjunct professor at Columbia University. She is also a writer and radio journalist.

She is part of a group of producers who are responsible for a variety of different shows, including the daily news program “The Journal” and podcasts with Jordan Peele and Ava DuVernay. These podcasts are available through Spotify, as well as other platforms.

Prior to joining Gimlet, she was a reporter and producer for publications like the New York Times and NPR. She was also a fellow at the Robert Bosch Foundation.

She is also a graduate of the Columbia Journalism School. Her work includes producing podcasts, docs, and audio guides for MoMA.

She previously freelanced for Spotify as a video producer. She has worked on a number of Food Network specials, and also produced a miniseries on workplace misconduct for Conde Nast magazine Bon Appetit.
Cat Schuknecht

Cat Schuknecht, who started out at NPR, has made the move to Gimlet. She’s an award-winning journalist with a master’s in journalism from UC Berkeley. Her new gig has her helming the company’s content strategy and spearheading the development of its most impressive shows.

For now, she’s putting her focus on the flagship show, How To Save a Planet, which has the honor of being the first ever to hit the infamous Spotify top 20 list. The podcast also boasts a hefty 60 million dollar deal to distribute “Call Her Daddy” exclusively via the service.

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, she explains that it’s not enough to create new podcasts. It’s also a challenge to produce formats that can scale. A number of her staffers are Black and several have openly shared their experiences of being marginalized at the company.

There’s no doubt that the Spotify-Gimlet merger has caused the company to re-examine its approach to content, but this new arrangement hasn’t quelled the aforementioned tensions. Indeed, there’s a union drive afoot in March.


After Gimlet’s acquisition by Spotify, tensions within the company began to spill over into the public arena. Staffers fought for union recognition. A group of Black employees reportedly expressed feelings of marginalization. The executives of Gimlet moved on to broader roles at Spotify.

A third of Gimlet staffers were laid off. That included senior Parcast producers.

Despite that, several people stayed in the fold. Some got promoted, while others were given promotions to other shows. Others said it was easier to make money on other formats.

In March, the staffers mounted a union drive. They eventually won a contract with Spotify, which guaranteed severance pay. Their contract also set minimum raises for associate producers. Many said Gimlet’s programming took longer to create than other formats.

Employees say it takes more time to produce a podcast. Gimlet also struggles with finding its place in the Spotify podcast universe. Its library of 2.9 million episodes is just a fraction of the total content on the platform.


If you’ve ever listened to Chantelle on Spotify Gimlet, you’ve heard her voice. But do you know how she got started? You’re about to find out.

Chantelle is a Canadian journalist. She worked for the CBC and was an instructor at the University of British Columbia journalism school. She has written a book called Keeper One. It’s a novel that will be turned into a podcast. However, it was never published.

As a member of the Gimlet team, she’s responsible for producing and editing a number of their shows. Some of her favorites include the t-shirt project that won an Emmy. Currently, she’s on the team working on How to Save a Planet.

She’s a self-proclaimed “audio geek” who loves the intersection of audio and technology. She started as a production assistant for a radio documentary producer. Later, she ran operations for New York Public Radio.

Her favorite shows are those that combine news with storytelling. Her recent work has included Science Vs. and the narrative daily news podcast The Journal.


When Spotify acquired podcast studio Gimlet Media in 2014, it was one of the earliest podcast acquisitions. But it has struggled to find its place in the company’s expansive podcast universe.

In the last few months, it has been undergoing some tumult. Its best-known show, How To Save A Planet, has been canceled. The move has prompted some Gimlet staffers to take their grievances public, in hopes of regaining their positions.

The new executive team at Gimlet includes Rosie Waldholz, who spent years working in television production. She is also the executive producer for Gimlet Projects. Her previous shows include Murder Ballads, which she co-hosted with Lauren McLaughlin.

Another big change is the addition of two reporters. One is Jonathan Goldstein, who has a show on This American Life. He previously worked as a reporter at various publications. And the other is Emmanuel Dzotsi, who has worked at NPR’s Morning Edition and as a freelance contributor for Esquire.


Gimlet Media, a podcast company, is now owned by Spotify. It’s the first time that Spotify has purchased a content company. In addition to Gimlet, Spotify also acquired Anchor, a production, distribution, and monetisation software tool.

Several Gimlet staffers have publicly expressed their discontent with the new arrangement. Some have accused Spotify of holding them back, claiming that it’s easier to make money on other formats. Others have pointed to the fact that shows can take much longer to produce.

For its part, Gimlet is protecting its brand. A recent holiday special for Harry and Meghan Markle, for instance, featured personal anecdotes and inspirational stories from the couple.

Other Gimlet shows include The Journal, which is produced in partnership with the Wall Street Journal. This week, the studio also released a new podcast with Jordan Peele.

Another big hit for Gimlet was Crimetown. The second season of the true crime series, which was available on Apple and everywhere else, topped Apple’s podcast charts. But the show had a small audience.


You might not have heard of Spotify yet, but the company has been quietly making moves into the podcasting world. In February, it made its first purchase, an audio startup known as Gimlet. The deal is said to be worth more than $200 million.

Gimlet is an audio start-up based in Brooklyn. It’s a podcast producer and distribution platform. There are a number of hit podcasts on its roster. They include Heavyweight, Reply All, and Mogul. But it’s also a good bet that the company will be putting out more shows on other platforms, too.

Before Spotify’s takeover, Gimlet had been making waves in the podcast industry. Their early hits included podcasts about the internet and music. However, they also produced more conventional podcasts. These include a daily news show hosted by Catherine Whelan, an award-winning journalist. And the company even had its own television production arm.

While Gimlet Media was still a fledgling company, it was a nimble startup that had managed to garner investors who returned their money 15 times over. This was a feat that didn’t go unnoticed.

Rachel Waldholz

Gimlet Media is launching How to Save a Planet, a podcast that tackles environmental issues and renewable energy. The show will be hosted by Alex Blumberg and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. It will feature interviews with people working to build a better future.

Rachel Waldholz is the producer for the podcast. She previously reported for Alaska Public Media in Anchorage. Her work has also appeared on Marketplace, All Things Considered, and Morning Edition. In addition to her duties as a producer, she has been involved with producing various episodes for the podcast.

She was also a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow in Germany. Currently, she is an independent producer based in Berlin.

Rachel’s background includes working as a reporter for Raven Radio in Sitka, Alaska. She has also done work for Alaska’s Energy Desk in Anchorage.

Other Gimlet podcasts include Heavyweight, which was produced by Jonathan Goldstein, and The Journal, which is produced by Matthew Mathilde and Lauren McLaughlin. They all have backgrounds in journalism. Some of their projects have been awarded Gerald Loeb awards.

Liliana Maria Percy Ruiz

When it comes to audio content, a lot of people have their hands full, but Liliana Maria Percy Ruiz, also known as Lily Percy in the U.S., has made a name for herself as a creative and thoughtful podcast creator and producer. She’s gotten her feet wet in the podcast world as a host and producer, as well as being the executive producer of two shows: Death Sex & Money and the on-air EP of the New York Public Radio show titled “Alt-Raw”.

In a recent podcast about Liliana’s recent career resurgence, co-host Connie Caldwell describes her as “a former costume designer and costume model, who’s now making a living as a public radio and TV producer.” Her bio says she earned a PhD in neuroscience from UCSF, worked as an assistant producer at the Food Network and as an aspiring video producer for Spotify.

On top of her many hats, she has a passion for the art of storytelling. This has been cultivated by her years as an executive producer of On Being, as well as her work as a producer for StoryCorps and Gimlet Media. During her time there, she produced the on-air EP for the NPR show aptly named “Alt-Raw,” and has a new gig as a producer for WNYC’s “All Of It,” which launches on August 15.

There are a few things she’s not about to share with you, but you can check out her profile for a quick look at her other achievements. If you’re a fan of wacky, wacky humor, she’s your girl!

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