Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough 1 – How to Get Everything You Need

In Dark Souls 3, there are many different ways to obtain everything you need to progress in the game. There are achievements, weapons, areas, and even bosses that you can conquer. You’ll want to get all of these things so you can complete your journey. Luckily, there are some guides that will make this process a lot easier.


Dark Souls 3 features a plethora of weapons that can help you out in cooperative and solo play. While some weapons are useless and just clutter up your inventory, others are powerful and will carry you through the entire game and New Game Plus. The best weapon for you will depend on your preferences and your current level of expertise.

One of the best ways to get more powerful weapons in Dark Souls 3 is to level up their attributes. You can do this by increasing the Strength and Dexterity attributes of your weapons. For example, if you are playing as an Assassin, you can level up your Estoc to make it more powerful. In the game, weapons are rated for their attributes and have a certain Attribute bonus.

The Executioner’s Greatsword is a strong weapon. Using it effectively will grant you a bonus of six Focus Points for every kill. You can find it in the graveyard of Cathedral of the Deep alongside the Astora Greatsword. This weapon is good to start with because it is fast and has a good range. However, you should always have a shield nearby so you won’t die from being attacked.

Getting weapons is essential in Dark Souls 3. Unlike its predecessors, this game can be challenging to master. Although it has a linear design, there are still a lot of difficult situations and battles. Sometimes, you’ll need to think a little bit before you win a battle, and this means that you have to be flexible and try different weapons.


While the Dark Souls 3 base game features linear sections, there are several ways to get to areas you want to go. One option is to continue from the last boss fight. If you want to do this, however, you’ll need to plan ahead. You can also look at the map to see which areas you can access. This way, you can avoid being disappointed by missing an area.

The high wall of Lothric is a very important area in the game. You’ll need to have 20,000 souls to access it. There are many things to do and see here, including the dragon and Greirat. You can also find hidden areas here.

You can also use the ruins of Izalith to find loot. This area contains Large Titanite Shards, Undead Bone Shards, and pyromancy tomes. You’ll also need to kill High Lord Wolnir to get to the area.

In Dark Souls III, there are many areas that are connected to each other. You can either do one area at a time or do them all at once. In this way, you can make the game easier for beginners and continue on with the main questline. If you’re new to the series, this is a great place to start. You’ll be able to buy gear, check quests, and level up.


Dark Souls 3 is an intense game that starts out gently and gets harder as you progress through the game. The difficulty quickly ramps up and you’ll need to know how to get past bosses. You’ll also want to upgrade your Estus Flask to survive tough encounters.

The first boss in the game is the Coiled Sword. To obtain this weapon, you need to climb up the hill to the entrance of the Firelink Shrine. After defeating this monster, you’ll unlock access to the mighty boss weapons. Afterwards, you’ll be rewarded with the Transposing Kiln, which can be used to obtain mighty boss weapons.

The second boss is the Abyss Watcher. It’s located in the Farron Keep and contains the soul of the Lord of Cinder. These sword-wielding monsters are not very difficult to kill, but they do have a glowing red eye that can hurt you. These monsters are not as powerful as the bosses in Dark Souls II, but they can still hurt you.

There are other areas where you can find them, such as the Profaned Capital. The game also has a number of optional areas that can be explored. You can also find a sorcerer selling spells and miracles. You should remember not to buy the wrong tomes because they can be expensive.


If you want to enjoy your gaming experience without spending too much money, you can do so by playing mods in Dark Souls 3. There are several different types of mods, including ones that add more content or add new features. One example is Easy Mode, which makes the game easier for new players. Another is Vulgar Death Message Replacement, which changes the way that the game tells you when you die. This mod makes dying much less of an ordeal for new players and adds a sense of fun to the game.

Some of the more popular mods in Dark Souls 3 include The Convergence and Cinders. These both give players access to a huge range of items and weapons. They also give players more control over how they play. Some even allow players to use the full move sets of bosses and enemies. If you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series, this is the mod for you.

Another popular mod is Item Randomizer, which changes the items in your inventory to randomize and make the game more unpredictable. This mod allows you to change the number of items you get, making your game more fun and exciting.


Dark Souls 3 is a game about pace. While this concept has been explored in other games, it is new in Dark Souls, where players’ playthrough pace is largely up to the player. This new style of gaming is a departure from its predecessors, but carries over a lot of the game’s elements from previous games.

The game rewards exploration but also punishes it. Players should be patient when playing this game to get the most out of the game. You’ll need to pay close attention to the pacing of each area, but it’s worth it. Dark Souls 3 also has optional bosses and characters to encounter, but it’s important to stay focused on the main quest.

The pace of Dark Souls 3 is inconsistent. As a result, it can be quite difficult to reach the top of the game. Fortunately, FromSoftware has improved the PC version. It can now run at 1080p with a 60fps peak. This is a big improvement over the first game, and it makes the game ideal for testing across different PC setups.

Another major change in Dark Souls 3 is the introduction of Convergence. The game now offers twelve sub-schools of magic. Convergence also introduces FP regeneration as a default. In addition, magic is encouraged across all builds.

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